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The journey you’ve been dreaming of for years is now finally close. Megopay makes it possible to book that dream trip now and pay in installments. That way you keep some extra financial space and you come back with an experience that you will not forget just like that.

How does it work?

  • Choose the trip you want to book
  • Inform yourself about the possibilities
  • Fill in the information for the funding application
  • Make that dream trip immediately and pay in installments

Immediately make that beautiful journey

financiele ruimte

Extra financial space

termijnen aflossen

Pay in installments


Make the request and view the options

Choose your destination and start your dream trip:

North America


South Europe

South America

“I’ve wanted to travel for some time. Now that I could pay this back in installments, I have had a nice adventure that I will enjoy for a long time to come. It was well worth it!”

Gerard Janssen

Enjoy your journey!

Your dream vacation is closer than you think. You no longer need to save in advance. Buying things on credit is very common nowadays. But with travel this was not yet possible. Via M€GOPAY you now have the unique opportunity to apply for credit for your holiday.

Note: You may not have a negative BKR registration. You can easily make the application online.

Good to know

M€GOPAY makes it possible to make that dream trip now. You submit a credit application through our partner. If you meet the conditions, your application will be accepted and you will receive the money in your account. You use that money to pay for the trip and you pay your advance in 12 equal installments.


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