South Europe

South Europe

Dream vacation to Southern Europe!

When you are planning a vacation to Southern Europe you will find that there are many beautiful destinations where you can go. Southern Europe is not only easily accessible by car, but also when you take the plane you are in beautiful places in no time. During a holiday around the Mediterranean you can enjoy the Mediterranean climate.

Beach holidays in Southern Europe

In the field of beach holidays, Southern Europe has many gems. Navagio Beach is the most photographed beach in Greece. And that is not surprising, because behind the steep rock wall lies a true paradise with a bright white beach and clear blue sea. But even when you go on holiday to the Canary Islands you are surrounded by beautiful beaches. Do you really want an insta-prefect booth? Then you should definitely go to Tropea Beach in Italy!

City trips in Southern Europe

In addition to great sun holidays, you can also go on a city trip in Europe! How about Lisbon, Rome, Barcelona or even Zagreb? The advantage of a city trip in Southern Europe is that you can enjoy the wonderful climate while discovering the city. Would you like to relax on a terrace in the evening? Southern European cities have the best terraces and long summer evenings.

Well-known southern European islands

The most famous South European islands are Ibiza, Mallorca and Crete. The biggest advantage of a holiday to an island is that the sea is always close by. Many sights are also easily accessible in terms of distance because islands are often not too big. Southern European islands that should not be missing from your bucket list are: The whitewashed houses on Santorini, parties in Ibiza and the beautiful sandy beaches of Malta. The great thing about Ibiza is that you don’t have to go there alone to party. Ibiza also has a very quiet side, where you immediately get the real hippie feeling.

Unexpectedly nice destinations

In addition to the well-known destinations, Southern Europe also has a lot of unexpectedly nice destinations. Would you like to get away from it all but don’t bump into other tourists all the time? Then choose a lesser-known destination and immerse yourself in the culture and the local population. For example, a quiet and unknown place to go is the Pelion region in Greece. This destination is a fantastic place to vacation in both summer and winter. And during your vacation to Pelion, a visit to the city of Volos is definitely worth it. Are you looking for a little more adventure? Then Tarn Canyon in France is a perfect destination. Paragliding, canoe kayaking or any other challenging activity. There’s no shortage of adrenaline in Tarn Canyon!

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