Travel to Asia is popular. And that is not surprising, because a trip to Asia is relatively cheap. Because Asia is so big, there are many options to travel to. Anyone who only thinks of China and Japan when thinking of Asia is wrong! Asia is the largest continent on the earth, enough to travel to.


Thailand is one of the most popular Asian destinations. This is because Thailand has so much to offer. A trip to Thailand often starts in the capital Bangkok. This city alone has so many attractions. Beautiful temples, great nightlife and delicious dining options. Do you want to flee the city? Then of course you go to one of the beautiful white beaches.


China is a country with a special culture, and with 1.3 billion inhabitants the country with the most inhabitants. Because China is so big, it is wise to orientate which hotspots you certainly do not want to skip. An attraction that you should hardly miss and is truly world famous is the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China has even been voted one of the Seven New Wonders of the World since 2007. The Chinese cities are also really worth a visit. These cities often have more inhabitants than our little country. The three most famous Chinese cities are: Beijing, Shanghai and Beijing.


Japan is one of those countries that you have probably seen many times over in movies, photos and videos. But the magic of Japan is that you only really feel the atmosphere and culture when you are there. Japan has fantastic sights and a special culture. You should certainly not miss a visit to the capital Tokyo. From singing karaoke to eating real sushi, this city never stands still and with 35 million inhabitants, that’s not surprising. You probably noticed that the Japanese have strange habits. You will feast your eyes on a vacation to Japan.

Prefer a holiday with sun and sea?

When you are orienting towards a sun holiday, you should certainly not exclude Asia. There are so many idyllic destinations. For example the Maldives, this archipelago consists of 1190 coral islands. The Maldives is truly a dream destination, with white beaches and beautiful coral. But the Philippines is also a perfect destination if you are looking for breathtaking beaches.

On adventure?

Many travelers also choose to travel with a backpack. All countries are actually suitable for this. Popular countries to make a backpacking trip are: Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos and Cambodia. The advantage of a backpacking trip is that you can often travel cheaply.

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